Things to Check When Looking for a Limo Bus for Sale

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Published: 31st August 2012
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If youíre searching for a limo bus for sale, particularly a used limo bus, there are several things that would be helpful for you to know. Of course, some of them you know already, so this is just a reminder. But other points you may never have thought of before.

Anybody can place a ďLimo Bus For SaleĒ ad, but what sort of credibility do they have? Find out. If itís an individual placing the ad, itís possible that he or she hasnít put the bus into good pre-sale repair the way an experienced, professional dealership would. Because these kinds of vehicles can be a big investment, in most cases itís better to buy from an established, trusted dealer.

In fact, many auto industry experts recommend that any time you plan to spend more than $10,000 on a vehicle, you should deal only with a professional salesman, dealer or broker. This is particularly good advice when you could be spending 10 times that amount. Although a bus may cost less through a private seller, it can end up costing you a lot more over time. Here are some things to check when looking for a limo bus for sale.

How does the vehicle start? Quickly? Slowly? With noise and smoke? If a bus shoots out plumes of smoke on start-up, it may mean big and expensive problems down the line. Once itís started, how does it sound? Maybe youíre not familiar with what a limo bus should sound like. If youíre not, start several others (one at a time) on the lot and compare their sound to the one you like.

Check out the interior. Ripped upholstery will rip more in time. See that all the interior and exterior lights and gauges work. If the vehicle has a computer system to control locks and windows, test them all. Itís important when evaluating a limo bus for sale that you cover these details and more to make sure everything looks and works as itís supposed to.

Look under the hood. If youíre not familiar with limo bus engines, bring someone who is. Pay them, if you have to. Any reputable dealer whoís advertising a limo bus for sale will, of course, deal honestly with you and wonít attempt to hide anything. But some buyers feel more comfortable if their own mechanic gives the engine a ďonce-over.Ē

Is there rust on the vehicle? In cold-weather states, rust can be a big problem, and some manufacturerís vehicles are more prone to rust than others. Also look at service records, if theyíre available. And check for signs of leaks in the engine compartment and under the bus. Leaks donít stop by themselves, so you may be buying problems with that particular bus.

This is just a general guide to what to check when looking for a limo bus for sale. Possibly the most important item on this list is: find a credible dealer who has a reputation for honesty, and trust the dealer to help you find the perfect limo bus for your needs.

Doug Thomas is a freelance writer for Busses for Sale, an online provider of MCI Buses for sale and other quality bus models. Interested in finding out more about our used bus sales & MCI Bus please visit our website today.

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