Sending your Child Off to College: Planning A College Dorm Room

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Parents, no doubt you're feeling some nerves and anxiety about sending your child off to college. It's completely understandable to be feeling mixed emotions-you may find yourself torn between sadness and pride that your child is moving on to pursue their own goals and tackle new challenges. Aside from your own emotions, you want to be supportive, encouraging, and let your child know that you will be sad to see them go but excited for their future.

There are a lot of things to do before your child can start his or her higher education. This article will inform you of what you need to buy and pack to provide your child with the best resources and college necessities for their freshman year. Planning and packing for college can seem overwhelming, but a college dorm room checklist and online resources can make life easier for both you and your high school grad. It's important to provide these college dorm room necessities for your child so they can be as prepared as possible to face college unknowns, and so you can feel better knowing their dorm away from home is comfortable.

Working with your child to plan his/her college dorm room:

Some simple preparation and planning can go a long way. We've all seen students whose college dorm rooms look barren-nothing in them but a bed, desk, and dresser. The same goes for students whose rooms are so jammed packed with accessories, fridges, two season's worth of clothing spilling from the closet, posters, decorative lights, kitchen appliances, books, stacks of DVDs, a surround sound system, a stereo, millions of shoes, food, an enormous microwave, TV's, and the kitchen sink. They key is taking space limitations into consideration and finding a balance between what you need and what you want. Here's where the college dorm room checklist comes into play.

There are resources available online that will streamline your preparation for college life and provide you great deals on all the necessary items. Here's a partial list of college dorm room essentials your child will need:

  • Headphones

  • Towels

  • Toothpaste

  • Hair Dryer

  • Nail Clippers

  • Tweezers

  • Shower Caddy

  • Shower Flip Flops

  • Robe

  • Mattress Pad

  • Linens

  • Pillows

  • Blanket / Throws

  • Comforter

  • Mattress Protector

  • Calendar / Planner

  • Backpack / Messenger Bag

  • Laptop Sleeve/Carrying Case

  • Organizers

  • Envelopes

  • Postage Stamps

  • Mousepads

  • Tacks / Paper clips / Adhesive mount

  • Stapler

  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Camera

  • Alarm Clock

  • Mouse

  • Calculator

  • Extension Cord

  • Surge Protector

  • Phone

  • USB Gadgets

  • Plates/Bowls

  • Hangers

  • Clothes Hamper / Bag

  • Laundry Bag

  • Laundry Basket

  • Detergent

  • Ironing Board / Iron

  • Stain Remover Pens

  • Dryer Sheets

  • Umbrella

  • Batteries

  • First Aid Kit

There are many other items to consider purchasing as well. Before running out to different stores to get all your college essentials, figure out what items your child needs. Better yet to save time and money, use a free interactive checklist online to help you prepare and pack for dorm living. The college dorm room checklist tells you all the things you might need, suggests items that you might want, and allows you to add items that you have found on your own. Once you have completed your college dorm room checklist, you can easily share it with your child's friends and family.

Now that you're feeling more prepared and at ease, you can talk to your child about their college fears. After driving to campus, assure them that your home will always be their home and you love and support them-after all, you're are just a phone call away. Leave them to settle in feeling confident they have everything they need and are ready to make the most of their college career.

Erica R. is a freelance writer for Hook Up Your Dorm.We know just what you need to make your dorm room the best on campus and offer a college dorm room checklist to help you prepare and pack for dorm living. This Ultimate dorm shopping list tells you all the things you might need, suggests items that you might want, and allows you to add items that you have found on your own. Visit our website for more information!

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